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    1. 龍5150 - CHEN AND KILL ~力はパワー~
    2. 一炊之夢 feat. 雨天決行 // 魂音泉
    3. TAMAONSEN - 「東方 ~ Vocal」 [魂音泉] Scarlet velvet
    4. Sekken-ya - Sakkyun Light
    5. Epic Rap Battles Of History Season 2 - Barack Obama vs Mitt Romney
    6. IRON ATTACK! - Never die
    7. 龍5150 - Shining Starlight
    8. Foreground Eclipse - Destruction
    9. 龍5150 - Star of the Glory
    10. TAMAONSEN - Border of Life

    Wenig überraschend sehr touhoulastig :3
    Destiny has smiled upon you, this day, the fate of vidya, in your hands.
    And blessed be the manchildren who fight with all their bravery, till only the righteous stand.
    You see all the whiteknights, they bellow on the blogs, the journos on Twitter, who bark like ragings dogs.
    And when you all get doxxed, and cannot carry on, though you're banned, the resistance lives on.
    You may have your address listed, be false flagged and cursed, you may be accused of rape, called a shitlord or worse.
    But when they bully you, you will not feel you need to run, though you're banned, the resistance lives on.
    We fight a righteous course, against corruption and lies, some will still not believe, and hate us till they die.
    But that's the way it goes, on the web you're shat upon, though you're banned, the resistance lives on.

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    Ich will auch mal wieder.

    Hypocrisy - To escape is to die
    Xenoblade OST - The Spiritual World
    Hypocrisy - Roswell 47
    WWE - Edge Theme (You think you know me)
    EAV - Alpenrap
    Pain - Crashed
    Powerwolf - Night of the Werewolfs
    Zelda The Music - Hyrule Field Main Theme
    Rob Zombie - Bring Her Down
    Metallica - Master of Puppets

    JohnnyDnet - Mein Let's Play Kanal auf Youtube
    Haupt-Projekte: NHL 12 & Minecraft
    Starting Soon: Super Star Wars

    CONTINUE - Der neue Blog rund um das Thema Videospiele
    Aktuelles Thema: Wochenrückblick

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    Netsky - Wanna Die For You (feat. Diane Charlemagne)
    Billy Talent - Devil in a Midnight Mass
    Linkin Park & Jay-Z - Jigga What / Faint
    Eminem - Solieder
    3OH!3 - Starstukk
    Billy Talent - White Sparrows
    Kraftklub - Lieblingsband (Oh Yeah)
    Frittenbude - Erlös Dich von dem Schrott feat. Danja Atari
    Die Ärzte - Tu Das Nicht
    Pendulum - Different



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