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Seite 2: Worms 2: Armageddon – Updates - XBLA-Titel erhält Patches und DLC

• Fixed issue whereby user would lose all save data if the hard drive was moved to another console
• Fixed hard locking issues when generating landscapes bought in the shop
• Fixed issue where you could get a regular soft lock if a mine attracted to a magnet didn't come to rest
• Back flip input slowed down to stop incorrect jumps harming the player
• Air Strike was incorrectly hitting for 65 this has now been capped to 50 and damage spread has been correctly fixed
• Fixed a Leader board exploit awarding "billion" scores after disconnect exploit stopped
• Strict NAT users were unable to ready up in a lobby, now fixed
• Exploit fixed - Player can no longer use the ninja rope after deploying a weapon
• Fixed bug where first player was not selected randomly in online matches
• Fixed host migration issues in 3/4 player matches
• Forts and Rope Race matches can now be played as Private games
• Fixed an issue whereby fire punching the ceiling would result in the worm falling through the landscape
• Fixed bug which made crates in Forts matches only land on the right hand side
• Fire will now only burn the landscape between turns - this stops players losing their turn due to fire damage beyond their control
• Bunker Buster was hitting slightly to the right of the aiming reticule - this is now fixed
• Super weapon probability in crates reduced - Chance of Donkey removed from forts games
• Fixed an issue where you couldn't move the camera while your opponent had their weapon panel open
• Fixed an issue where sometimes worms were spawned in onto a mine at the start of a match
• Fixed an issue where sometimes the placing of Magnets would be out of sync between client and host
• Fixed occasional non functional magnet and magnets likelihood of flying around the screen erratically after being hit
• Fixed ability to place a girder anywhere on the landscape - the useable distance for the girder has now been reduced
• Dragon ball collision increased to stop it missing enemy worms at close range
• Fixed an issue where bringing up the Guide during online games caused slowdown
• Fixed an issue where strike weapons would appear in cavern landscape crates
• Landscape choice forced on host incorrectly after 10 seconds this now correctly waits for 30 seconds before forcing the decision
• Probability of vertical landscapes in Ranked matches was too high - this has been greatly reduced
• Fixed an issue where some players Avatars remained on screen obstructing play during online games
• Fixed an issue where some weapons/utilities SFX would loop at the start of every turn if the game was restarted during them being played. Most obvious example was the HHG.
• "Likes the Drink" achievement could be gained incorrectly by killing 8 worms in a single blast in the firing range
• Pressing jump while fire punching resulted in a "super" fire punch - this is now fixed
• Sheep now correctly travels down tunnels instead of bouncing on the entrances
• Fixed an issue where team names were not displaying on "Your turn" screen
• Missing particles added to Holy Hand Grenade
• Damage display font will no longer incorrectly scale larger on certain shots
• Tidied up the start of Online matches where Worms would be placed twice at the start of the game
• References to WOW 2 Leader boards (Maggie's Drawers & Valiant Failures) Removed
• AI teams are now using the correct speech banks in the campaign
• Spelling mistake - Incorrect weapon names in collected crates

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