Homefront: The Revolution - Kritik an Closed Beta, Entwickler reagiert

Die Entwickler von Homefront: The Revolution haben auf die Kritik des Spiels auf die laufende Beta des Spiels reagiert. Der Stand der Beta entspräche »einer Version von vor Weihnachten« und sei nicht repräsentativ, sondern nur eine Tech-Demo.

von Manuel Fritsch,
12.02.2016 17:48 Uhr

Die Entwickler reagieren auf die erste Kritik der User aus der Closed Beta von Homefront: The Revolution auf der Xbox One.Die Entwickler reagieren auf die erste Kritik der User aus der Closed Beta von Homefront: The Revolution auf der Xbox One.

Auf der Xbox One findet derzeit die exklusive Koop-Multiplayer-Beta des Shooters Homefront: The Revolution statt. In Rahmen der Beta können die Spieler noch bis zum 14. Februar den kooperativen Resistance-Modus ausprobieren, bei dem bis zu vier Teilnehmer pro Team agieren können.

Im Feedback-Forum zur Closed Beta des Spiels häufen sich derzeit Beschwerden über die angeblich sehr schlechte Performance des Spiels. Die Entwickler haben auf das Feedback der User reagiert und ein ausführliches Statement abgegeben.

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Darin erklären die Entwickler, dass die Version der Beta nicht dem aktuellen Stand der Entwicklung entspricht. Der Einblick, den die Spieler gerade in das Spiel erhalten, sei noch »der Stand von letztem Jahr kurz vor Weihnachten«. Diese Version soll nicht als finale Repräsentation des Spiels verstanden werden - die Grafik und die Animationen seien in der Zwischenzeit natürlich deutlich vorangeschritten. Die Entwickler betonen, dass die »Polish«-Phase erst gegen Ende einer Spielentwicklung stattfindet und man diese Qualität dementsprechend natürlich nicht in einer Closed-Beta erwarteten sollte.


The Closed Beta is a slice of Resistance Mode taken from the game before last Christmas, and was then tested and configured to serve as a first chance to get people to play the mode while we can test as much as possible. That means it's not representative of the final game, and in fact some things like graphics and animations are already greatly improved in the current state of development for all platforms. Visual polish comes in rather late when the primary focus is on polishing gameplay, and that level of visual polish is not in this Closed Beta. This is very much a technical beta more so than a demo using a finished game.

We've seen some unexpected graphics bugs during the first Stress Test, though. Sometimes textures don't load in properly, which can make textures look very bland and low resolution. We are making some improvements to fix this bug, but if you encounter textures that look a lot worse than they normally do, it would help us a lot if you can leave your Xbox Gamertag and the time you saw the issue with your feedback in the Feedback forums so we can find out more details on what causes this in our beta tracking systems.

Resistance Mode is meant to be hard. It's harder than most games these days, which is by design. We want you to learn from mistakes and have a sense of achievement when completing Missions. But maybe it is a bit too hard on the Easy difficulty. We want to challenge players, but not frustrate them. To that end we're adjusting Easy difficulty slightly to make it a bit more accessible for first-time players who have never played Homefront: The Revolution before. We would always recommend passing the Missions in the Closed Beta on Easy at first, and then attempt Normal and later Hard.

We are making tweaks to gamepad controls to make them a bit tighter and offer more precision. We aim to strike a balance between feeling like someone who just joined the Resistance and is sent out on his/her first mission, and feeling powerful over time as you get more skilled.

We spotted some issues with matchmaking last Friday. If it took you a while to get a full group, this is most likely due to the amount of available players at the same time. Some matchmaking issues can also be related to the firewall or NAT settings of people hosting or joining a lobby.

While that can often be dependent on how you have configured your network access, we are adding some additional tracking systems to see if there is something unique to our game that we can address or resolve.

If you get a "Strict NAT" error on Xbox One, there is also a support page available to help you troubleshoot this in your home network.

Auch die sehr schwache FPS-Leistung der Beta soll laut einer Twitter-Antwort eines Entwicklers noch deutlich verbessert werden:

Homefront: The Revolution - Gameplay-Trailer zum Koop-Modus 2:12 Homefront: The Revolution - Gameplay-Trailer zum Koop-Modus

Homefront: The Revolution - Screenshots ansehen


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