Rainbow Six: Siege - Update 5.3 kommt heute, vollständige Patch-Notes

Am 11. Januar 2017 erscheint der Patch 5.3 für den Team-Shooter Rainbow Six: Siege. Neben zahlreichen Bugfixes gibt es unter anderem einen Pause-Mode sowie Balancing-Änderungen bei den Operators. Wir haben die vollständigen Patch-Notes.

von Andre Linken,
11.01.2017 09:00 Uhr

Am 11. Januar 2017 erscheint das Update 5.3 für Rainbow Six: Siege. Die Patch-Notes sind bereits bekannt.Am 11. Januar 2017 erscheint das Update 5.3 für Rainbow Six: Siege. Die Patch-Notes sind bereits bekannt.

Gleich das erste offizielle Lebenszeichen der Entwickler von Rainbow Six: Siege im neuen Jahr ist ein neues Update: Die Version 5.3 erscheint im Verlauf des 11. Januar 2017.

Bereits vorab hat das Team die vollständigen Patch-Notes für das Update veröffentlicht. Demnach gibt es unter anderem einen neuen Pause-Modus, der es dem Host einer Custom-Partie ermöglicht, das Spiel während der Auswahlphase für die Operators zu pausieren.

Apropos Operators: Die hat sich Ubisoft Montreal nochmals zur Brust genommen und kleinere Änderungen vorgenommen. Außerdem gibt es zahlreiche Bugfixes, die unter anderem die Problematik mit der verstärkten Wand sowie der Barrikaden beseitigen.

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Um 15:00 Uhr mitteleuropäischer Zeit werden die Entwickler die Server von Rainbow Six: Siege, um das Update 5.3 zu installieren. Eine Stunde später sollte alles wieder laufen.

Patch-Notes für Rainbow Six: Siege v5.3

New Features

  • Pause Button in Custom Lobby During Operator Selection Phase
  • We have added a Pause button to the UI that will allow the host of a Player-hosted custom games to pause the match during the Operator Selection phase.
  • To utilize this functionality, the host will need to press [End]/[Start+DPAD UP] to stop the timer. Press the button again to resume the timer.


  • Fixed - Barricade pieces remain stuck in place if hit from a perpendicular angle.
  • Fixed - In rare instances, a drone is able to use a dead Attacker's shield to move the Defuser.
  • Fixed - When deploying a reinforced wall, it is possible to pass through the reinforcement.
  • Fixed - Muzzle brake also hides the flash for side arms.
  • Fixed - When a shield user goes prone while attempting to use an Observational tool (drone), the shield will stay equipped while prone.
  • Fixed - In some cases, clipping would cause an Operator's shield to disappear. This would allow the Operator to be shot through their shield.


  • IQ
  • Fixed - Dropping from any height while holding a breaching charge will make her sidearm invisible.
  • Tachanka
  • Fixed - Shotgun pellet impacts do not remain on Tachanka's LMG Shield.
  • Fixed - After destroying the LMG Shield, it will reappear for a few frames.
  • Hibana
  • Fixed - Getting kills with Hibana will not count towards and SAT Weekly Challenge.
  • Echo
  • Fixed - Getting kills with Echo will not count towards and SAT Weekly Challenge.
  • Fixed - Yokai drones will sometimes hit an invisible wall when jumping through door ways.
  • Fixed - Yokai drones will sometimes hit an invisible wall when jumping in 2F Geisha Room on Skyscraper.
  • Fuze
  • Fixed - Cluster Charges destroy gadgets without destroying breakable floors.
  • Valkyrie
  • Fixed - Black Eye's remain floating in mid-air when thrown at a broken barricade.
  • Frost
  • Fixed - When a trap is placed on an elevated surface, it will trigger even without vaulting onto it.
  • Blackbeard
  • Fixed - Corrupted animation when equipping a second rifle shield after the first was destroyed.
  • Twitch
  • Fixed - Sound effects from her Shock Drone's taser does not propagate as intended.
  • Jager
  • Fixed - In some instances, Jager's Magpie devices do not react to Hibana's pellets.
  • Kapkan
  • Fixed - Player's controller will not vibrate when killed by an EDD.

Game Mode

  • Bomb
  • Fixed - Players are unable to see who has the Defuser, drop it, or pick it up on Favelas.
  • Hostage
  • Fixed - Hostage is not able to be revived if the Hostage goes DBNO and clips with the Kitchen Table.
  • Tactical Realism
  • Fixed - Operators with "launcher gadgets" (Hibana and Ash) do not have feedback when reloading.
  • Spectator Camera
  • Fixed - When a spectator joins a match in progress, they will not be able to see Tachanka's LMG Shield.
  • Fixed - Following a player outside, they player can sometimes become invisible to the Spectator.

Level Design

  • Bartlett University
  • Fixed - Missing Camera in Vista Hallway.
  • Fixed - Tachanka has invisible bullet collision at the entrance of 1F Lobby.
  • Kafe Dostoyevsky
  • Fixed - Users remain stuck in a vaulting animation after vaulting through the 2F Back Stairs window.
  • Kanal
  • Fixed - Operators are able to vault through wooden panels and clip inside of a wall.

User Experience

  • Fixed - The shield on Tachanka's LMG is offset during Kill Cam replays.
  • Fixed - The shield on Tachanka's LMG is not visible in Support Mode after switching between Tachanka and another Operator.
  • Fixed - Dud range on Hibana's X-KAIROS launcher is still visible for other players, even after it has been turned off.
  • Fixed - Melee kills are displayed as headshots in the kill feed.
  • Fixed - Bandit's Shock Wire kills are displayed as headshots in the kill feed.
  • Fixed - Kill Camera will sometimes pass through walls.
  • Fixed - In some instances, Operators appear to have Raptor Legs in the Kill Cam.
  • Fixed - When a player is kicked from a Casual match, they are still able to rejoin it.
  • Fixed - When a player is kicked from a Ranked match, they are able to rejoin the same match if it is still running after their 15 minute ban is over.

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