Project Cars - Patch 1.3 für Xbox One mit Crash-Fix veröffentlicht

Der Entwickler Slightly Mad Studios hat den Patch 1.3 für die Xbox-One-Version des Rennspiels Project Cars veröffentlicht. Das Update beseitigt unter anderem diverse Crash-Bugs.

von Andre Linken,
29.05.2015 08:17 Uhr

Der Patch 1.3 für die Xbox-One-Version von Project Cars behebt einige Crash-Bugs.Der Patch 1.3 für die Xbox-One-Version von Project Cars behebt einige Crash-Bugs.

Das Team von Slightly Mad Studios hat jetzt einen weiteren Patch für die Xbox-One-Version des Rennspiels Project Cars veröffentlicht. Das Update auf Version 1.03 beseitigt unter anderem diverse Bugs, die im schlimmsten Fall zum Absturz des Spiels führen konnten.

Des Weiteren haben die Entwickler nochmals die KI überarbeitet, einige Änderungen bei den Strecken vorgenommen sowie die Replays optimiert. Die vollständigen Patch-Notes findet ihr unterhalb dieser Meldung.

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Patch-Notes für Project Cars v1.3 (Xbox One)

Gamepad Controllers

  • Added ABS brake rumble to Xbox One triggers, so that the triggers will rumble on losing traction when braking. The amount of trigger rumble is controlled together with Force Feedback strength via the Force Feedback slider
  • Improved the efficiency of the controller rumble effect, to help make the steering more responsive on the Xbox One
  • Fixed an issue where moving the sticks from one extreme to the other would sometimes result in the steering getting stuck
  • Reworked the Xbox One analogue sticks range and axis dead zones, providing much improved steering control

Wheel Controllers

  • Fanatec wheels – Fixed the issue with steering jolts that some users experience


  • Fixed an occasional crash when advancing from Qualifying to Race
  • Fixed an occasional crash when returning from a race to the Race

Central Time Trial

  • Set Time Trials starting time to 11am to match the PC platform. This ensures consistent track temperatures across all platforms, as track temperatures affect lap times


  • Enabled saving of community event ghosts. These ghosts are automatically stored online, and you can then download ghosts of other players’ laps for these events


  • Sakitto and Summerton variations – Corrected track info regarding number of turns and track length
  • Sakitto Sprint – Fixed a crash that would at times occur when using time acceleration
  • Cadwell variations – Fixed draw distance issues on various objects
  • Oschersleben variations – Fixed odd lights around track and colour issues with the horizon
  • Zolder – Fixed an issue where the player car would sometimes start in a closed garage


  • Fixed an issue where AI vehicles were sometimes sent to the pits due to low fuel on races where refueling is not allowed


  • Pitstop strategy will now use the actual bar value for tyre pressures
  • Fixed an issue where the Pit engineer would repeatedly inform the player that a pit crew member has lost a wheel nut during pit stops
  • Fixed an issue where the Pit Engineer would call the player to stop for fuel when fuel consumption was disabled in options


  • Improved the smoothness of the sun, moon, stars, and shadow motion when rewinding replays of a race that had a high time acceleration

Driver Network Profile

  • Fixed an issue where at times the miles driven on a particular track or with a particular car would be logged under the wrong car or track. This improves the accuracy of the player’s Affinity ratings

Project Cars - Launch-Trailer mit McLaren P1 und Co. 2:27 Project Cars - Launch-Trailer mit McLaren P1 und Co.

Project CARS - Screenshots aus der Xbox-One-Version ansehen


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