Uncharted 3 - Multiplayer-Patch auf Version 1.15 erschienen

Für den Mehrspielerpart von Uncharted 3 ist ein neuer Patch auf Version 1.15 erschienen. Das Update verbessert unter anderem das Matchmaking und Balancing.

von Maximilian Walter,
24.10.2012 15:45 Uhr

Patch 1.15 für Uncharted 3 verbessert das Matchmaking.Patch 1.15 für Uncharted 3 verbessert das Matchmaking.

Der Entwickler Naughty Dog hat einen weiteren Patch für den Mehrspielerpart seines Thirdperson-Actionspiels Uncharted 3 veröffentlicht. Das Update auf Version 1.15 verbessert unter anderem das Matchmaking, fügt neue Waffen-Skins und Belohnungen hinzu und nimmt Änderungen am Tournament-Modus vor.

So wird jetzt das Legacy-Level berücksichtigt, sowohl beim Matchmaking als auch wenn die Teams ausgeglichen werden. Auch wurden Änderungen am Gameplay vorgenommen. Statt dem Hardcore-Modus gibt es jetzt wieder einen Classic-Modus, in dem alle Spieler immer mit den gleichen Waffen starten. Das Update sollte sich automatisch beim Spielstart installieren. Mehr Infos zum Update gibt es im offiziellen Blog des Entwicklers.

Uncharted 3
Genre: Action
Release: 01.11.2011

Die vollständigen englischen Patch-Notes:

• Players will be appropriately matched according to Legacy level in matchmaking.
Team Balancing
• Team balancing will now take into account players’ Legacy level.
• New gun skins for Tournament tier rewards will roll out over the next several months. The new guns skins this month are the Fireball M9, Dragon Sniper and FAL-SS.
• New Shade custom pieces for silver and bronze tier. The new pieces are the Shade Gas Mask, Shade Belling Mask, Shade Headphones, Shade Dark Vest and Shade Biker Jacket.
• Treasure drops can sometimes be tournament tickets
• Progress towards permanent tournament prizes now appears inside of tier screen menu
• There is a new leader board for single tournament scores
• Players can see all Players’ Tournament Tier in the scoreboard during a match. This will happen only if the player is ranked in the Tournament
• Spending a tournament ticket increases your treasure drop chances for that match. This also makes rare treasures more likely to drop.
• Players will now receive a small amount of points based on their kills and deaths for losing during a tournament game.
• Tournament formula change:

Points = [1000 + (100*kills) + (25*assists) – (80*deaths)] * [1.2-(party size*0.2)]
Minimum = 200, Max = 6000

Points = Points = [100 + (10*kills) + (2.5*assists) – (8*deaths)] * [1.2-(party size*0.2)]
Minimum = 100, Max = 500

• Classic Mode to replace Hardcore Mode
• Classic Mode details:
o Boosters on
o Kickbacks off
o Throwback grenades off
o Buddy spawning off
o No load out weapons so every player starts with an AK and Para 9
o Lots of placed weapons on the map
• Treasure drops over time so after extended play you will be guaranteed a treasure drop on your next kill
• A treasure will appear in every drop and “Just Cash” is now “Plus Cash” and will never drop by itself anymore
• Revenge grenades will no longer kill teammates
• Toggle in the customization menu to turn on or off the bonuses on your head gear
• 11 new taunts for sale
• Extras section in the main menu for watching trailers and purchasing other UNCHARTED games
• Block mesh lab maps can now be viewed in Cinema
• Increase Elimination only treasure drop rate. The affected treasures sets are: Sage Deity, Affluent Relics, Deadly Ensemble.

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