Assassin's Creed 3 - Erster Patch am Release-Tag, Patch-Notes liegen vor

Ubisoft Montreal stellt zum Release des Actionspiels bereits den ersten Patch zur Verfügung. Dieser behebt zahlreiche Fehler wie zum Beispiel diverse Crash-Bugs.

von Andre Linken,
30.10.2012 13:15 Uhr

Der erste Patch für Assassin's Creed 3 steht zum Release des Spiels bereit. Der erste Patch für Assassin's Creed 3 steht zum Release des Spiels bereit.

Allem Anschein nach haben sich eine Vielzahl von kleineren Fehlern in die Verkaufsversion des Actionspiels Assassin's Creed 3 eingeschlichen. Anders ist es nicht zu erklären, dass der Entwickler Ubisoft Montreal direkt zum Release bereits den ersten Patch veröffentlicht. Zudem spricht das Team eine dringende Empfehlung aus, dieses Update schnellstmöglich herunterzuladen und zu installieren.

Wie aus den offiziellen Patch-Notes hervorgeht, behebt der Patch unter anderem diverse Crash-Bugs, kleinere Fehler mit den NPCs sowie Probleme bei einigen Missionen. Achtung: Am Ende der Patch-Notes gibt es Informationen, die Inihalte aus dem Spiel spoilern. Diese Passagen sind entsprechend markiert.

Patch-Notes für Assassin's Creed 3

Bug Fix

  • Animus Synching tutorial, fixed an issue where the player could think he’s stuck in an infinite loading when getting to Boston after the end credits
  • Fixed a bug where counter-killing with the bow does not always work
  • NPCs spawned too far away could end up being of the wrong type
  • Camera could remain stuck after the player being respawned
  • Player could remain stuck after diving from a waterfall
  • Player could remain stuck if he exits a slopped hay stack at a certain angle
  • Player would always get immediately detected when performing an unarmed stealth assassination in another guard’s back
  • Under rare circumstances, the crowd would stop spawning
  • Fixed an animation glitch when interrupting the reception from high profile jump
  • Fixed various occurrences of missing sounds
  • In some cases, the Animus Database sound ambiance was not stopped when exiting
  • Various stats and leaderboards were not showing up properly
  • Online shop could sometimes appear empty if fetching the data from Xbox Live is taking too long

Crash Fix

  • Possible crash that could happen if the player blends in a crowd group where some NPCs haven’t spawned yet, and while blended performs a kill.
  • Possible crash that could happen if the player triggered a loading while being in a covert escort formation with his brotherhood trainees
  • Possble crash that could happen when calling a brotherhood trainee with the snipe ability

Naval Missions

  • Possible crash if the player spams the swivel guns with the semi-automatic cheat enabled

Side Quest

  • Brawler Challenges 3 – Task “Own every weapon available in the stores” would not complete when the player expects it to.
  • Fort Monmouth and Fort Division – Quest objectives would fail too early without the fort resetting properly
  • New York delivery mission – Game asked for a different item (deer heart) than what was showed to the player (venison)
  • New York Liberation Missions – Possible that the game would wrongly display that 2 of the districts were completely liberated when it’s not the case yet



  • Mission “HAPPY EXPECTATIONS” – Game could remain stuck on a white screen when starting the mission
  • On the Homestead, fixed a bug where the player could remain stuck if he performs a corner pose on the left side of Norris’ cave’s entrance

Naval Mission

  • “OAK ISLAND” – Player could pass through the ground when diving into the cave
  • “OAK ISLAND” – Wolves could stop attacking the player and remain stuck

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