Tony Hawk's Project 8 - Soundtrack-Liste veröffentlicht

56 hochkarätige Tracks.

von Denise Bergert,
18.10.2006 08:23 Uhr

Alle Titel der Tony Hawk-Reihe hatten bisher neben waschechter Skate-Action eines gemeinsam - einen rockigen Soundtrack mit hochkarätigem Staraufgebot. Der neueste Teil der Serie bildet dabei keine Ausnahme. Publisher Activision veröffentlichte heute die komplette Soundtrack-Liste zu Tony Hawk's Project 8. In der gigantischen Tracklist mit 56 Songs sind bekannte Künstler wie Kasabian, Ministry und Gnarls Barkley vertreten:

76% Uncertain – “Radio”
Aurelius- “Hemlock”
Bad Religion - “Social Suicide”
Black Mountain – “Druganaut”
Charizma & PB Wolf – “Devotion”
Claus Grabke – “Cause”
Cryptic Slaughter – “Lowlife”
Damian Marley – “Move”
Dead Milkmen, The – “Punk Rock Girl”
Die Young (TX) – “Anthem of the Prodigal Son”
Eagles of Death Metal – “Chase The Devil”
Funk Face – “Zoo York City”
Gnarls Barkley – “Gone Daddy Gone”
Gym Class Heroes – “The Queen And I”
Hieroglyphics – “At The Helm”
Hold Steady, The – “Your Little Hoodrat Friend”
Immortal – “One by One”
Jaylib – “The Red”
Joy Division – “Interzone”
Kasabian – “Club Foot”
Kool and the Gang – “Summer Madness”
Legitimate Business – “80 on 80”
Liquid Liquid – “Optimo”
Living Legends – “Moving at the Speed of Life”
Ministry – “Stigmata (Remix)”
Mogwai – “Glasgow Mega Snake”
Monty Are I – “In This Legacy”
Nine Inch Nails – “Getting Smaller”
Noise – “Dirty Evil”
Oh No – “Chump”
Pardon My Extinguisher – “Bitch And Moan”
Plus 44 – “Lycanthrope”
Primus – “American Life”
The Ramones – “I Wanna Live”
Revolution Mother – “Second Thoughts”
Slayer – “Angel of Death”
Sonic Youth – “Nic Fit”
Stasera – “Palisades”
Supersuckers – “Goodbye”
The Channeling – “The Frighteners”
The Cure – “Plastic Passion”
The Klaxons – “Gravity's Rainbox”
The Sword – “Iron Swan”
The Throwaway's – “You're Not the Only One”
The Walkmen – “This Job is Killing Me”
Thine Eyes Bleed – “Without Warning”
Thunderlords – “Ice Cream Headache”
Toots & the Maytals – “Time Tough”
Transplants – “Pay Any Price”
Typical Cats – “Any Day”
Ugly Duckling – “Smack”
VanStone – “Skate Town”
Voltera – “Do What Your Daddy Say”
Wildchild – “Wonder Years”
Wolfmother – “Woman”
Zeke – “Kill the King”

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