Horizon Forbidden West: Patch 1.11 ist live und macht Legendary-Fans glücklich

Horizon Forbidden West hat einen neuen Patch für PS4 und PS5 bekommen. Neben jeder Menge Bug-Fixes dürften sich auch besonders Legendary-Jäger freuen.

von Eleen Reinke,
06.04.2022 15:26 Uhr

Horizon Forbidden West Patch 1.11 ist live. Horizon Forbidden West Patch 1.11 ist live.

Horizon Forbidden West hat soeben mit Patch 1.11 ein neues Update bekommen, das wieder zahlreiche Bug Fixes für Missionen und Machinen, allgemeine Performance-Verbesserungen und verbessertes Balancing mit sich bringen.

Besonders dürfte viele Fans aber freuen, dass eine Änderung des letzten Updates rückgängig gemacht wurde: Legendäre Waffen sollen jetzt nämlich wieder so stark wie vorher sein.

Das steckt in Patch 1.11 für Horizon Forbidden West

Wie Entwickler Guerrilla auf Twitter bekanntgab, kann der neue Patch ab sofort runtergeladen werden. Falls ihr euch über die Nummer wundert, Patch 1.10 ist im neuen Update bereits enthalten.

  • So groß ist der Patch: Auf PS5 ist das Update knapp 1,1GB groß.

Unter anderem liefert der neue Patch Fixes für viele Probleme, die in Haupt- oder Nebenmissionen auftreten können. Außerdem könnt ihr jetzt Questmarker in den HUD-Einstellungen komplett verbergen und das Looten im Menü togglen. Der Titelsong "In the Flood" hat zudem Untertitel bekommen.

Legendäre Waffen gebufft: Viele Fans waren nicht gerade erfreut über den Nerf legendärer Waffen im letzten Update. Allem Anschein nach war der aber so nicht beabsichtigt, denn im neuen Patch wurde die "unabsichtliche Änderung an legendären Waffen" wieder rückgängig gemacht.

Warum sich Horizon Forbidden West mit und ohne legendäre Waffen lohnt, seht ihr im Test-Video:

Horizon Forbidden West - Test-Video zum Open-World-Blockbuster für PlayStation 12:35 Horizon Forbidden West - Test-Video zum Open-World-Blockbuster für PlayStation

Das sind die Patch Notes zu Update 1.11

Wollt ihr euch selbst ein Bild davon machen, was der neue Patch konkret alles bringt, haben wir hier die kompletten englischen Patch-Notes für euch:


We are currently looking into several issues reported by the community. Please note that these issues are not yet fixed in this patch, but our teams are aware of them and they’re being investigated.

  • During Side Quest ‘Blood Choke’, Atekka does not use the ballista.
  • The ‘Upgraded Every Pouch Type’ Trophy does not unlock for some players after upgrading each Pouch type - please note, for this trophy you will need to have the Food Pouch which is collected after purchasing food from a chef.
  • Players reported no longer being able to trade with Abadund after completing his dialogue after finishing a Side Quest.
  • Players cannot place any waypoint markers on the open world within a 500 meter radius of Aloy’s position.
  • Players reported new items acquired not showing up with the New (!) icon in their inventory.

We are also aware of streams being interrupted when playing on 1080p and 60fps, after saving at campfires. To avoid this from happening, it’s advised to select a lower broadcast quality or lower framerate, for example, 1080p and 30fps, or 720p and 60fps.


Main Quests

  • Fixed an issue in Main Quest “The Broken Sky” where sometimes players were not able to interact with or follow Kotallo after fast traveling away and progressing through other side content.
  • Fixed an issue in Main Quest “The Wings Of The Ten” where in rare occasions the objective would not update upon returning to the Base, blocking progression.

Side Quests

  • Fixed multiple conditional progression issues in Side Quest “Thirst For The Hunt”.
  • Fixed an issue in Side Quest “Boom Or Bust” where overriding any of the machines during the “Kill the Machines” objective would not progress the quest.
  • Fixed multiple instances of machines that would get outside of the player’s reach during Side Quest objectives, thus conditionally blocking progression.

World Activities

  • Fixed an issue in Rebel Camp Devil’s Grasp where sometimes the “Search the Command Center” objective could not be completed.
  • Fixed an issue in Rebel Camp First Forge where the player can miss obtaining the Sun Scourge bow by reloading a save after looting Asera. NOTE: This will not affect save games of people who "lost" the bow due to reloading the save after picking up the bow but before talking to Erend. These players can revisit Asera’s corpse. Asera's corpse will always respawn until players have looted the bow from her. Please, take the bow so she can stop haunting the West.
  • Fixed an issue with Keruf’s “Missing Gear” salvage contract where the contract could not be completed if the player acquired multiples of the required items.
  • Fixed an issue in the Plainsong Hunting Grounds where trials could sometimes not be started or completed.
  • Fixed an issue with Melee Pits progression.


  • Fixed an issue where player level instead of kill count could influence whether Apex or Evolved machines would spawn in the open world instead of standard variants.
  • Fixed an issue with the Bristleback where the Apex version would never spawn in the open world.
  • Fixed an issue with the Plowhorn where the Apex Plowhorn would not contain the Apex Plowhorn Heart.
  • Fixed an issue with the Rockbreaker where “Mining Claws” could not be collected from an Apex Rockbreaker after detaching them.
  • Fixed an issue with the Slaughterspine where looting the Plasma Earthblaster from the Apex Slaughterspine would contain one metal shard, instead of Volatile Sludge and Crystal Braiding.
  • Tweaked drop rates for the Snapmaw’s “Dispersal Tanks” loot.
  • Fixed an issue with the Skydrifter where the Skydrifter would stand in the air.
  • Fixed an issue with the Thunderjaw where the regular (non-Apex) version would never spawn in the open world.
  • Disciplined a Tideripper caught showing off by slip and sliding across their designated habitat.
  • Fixed an issue with the Widemaw where its throat keeps spinning after it has been killed.


  • Fixed an issue with humanoid enemies where applying the killing blow with a Spike Thrower could cause the enemies to freeze in place instead of dying and falling to the ground.


  • Rebalanced the unintentional change on Legendary weapons.
  • Fixed an issue with the upgrade path for Death-Seeker’s Shadow: Increased Impact Damage for Advance Hunter Arrows with the first upgrade.
  • Fixed an issue with Death-Seeker’s Shadow and Lightning Hunter Bow where crafting Advanced Shock Hunter arrows would draw resources from the stash.
  • Fixed an issue with Shredders where sometimes the reload and toss animation did not play.
  • Fixed an issue with Shredders where Advanced Shredders would use the same icon as normal Shredders.
  • Fixed an issue with the Shredder Satchel where the Workbench menu states that the maximum number of Advanced Shredders is increased to 12, but the actual maximum number in-game was 11.
  • Fixed an incorrect statement in the tutorial text for the Purgewater tutorial. The text used to state 'Once in this state, their elemental attacks are disabled and they become more vulnerable to Frost and Shock attacks.' This has been changed to ‘Once in this state, their elemental attacks are disabled and their resistance to all elemental damage and states is reduced.
  • Fixed an issue with Coils and Weaves where mods that are meant to increase impact damage instead increase all damage.
  • Fixed an issue with Coils and Weaves where weaves that grant multiple defense increases show the Plasma Weave icon.
  • Fixed an edge case where pressing the “throw” action for Rocks would perform a Heavy Melee instead. Stealth players, don’t celebrate too loud, the machines will hear you!
  • Fixed an issue with Hunter Bows where the reload animation plays incorrectly when using Advanced Elemental or Targeting arrows. Players should now be able to fire arrows more rapidly.
  • Fixed an issue with the Carja Wanderer, Nora Sentinel and Nora Tracker armor where resistances would decrease when upgrading them.


  • Activating a new quest prompt when it shows up in the HUD will now correctly highlight that quest in the Quests tab in the journal.
  • Fixed an issue where trying to access a workbench after selling all weapons would result in an infinite black screen.
  • Action prompts and quest markers can now be hidden in the custom HUD settings.


  • Improved visibility in the underwater section of the San Francisco Challenge Ruin Hobart Office.
  • Changed the sort order on some vegetation assets to improve rendering time.
  • Made adjustments to the dynamic resolution system to scale better.

Performance and Stability

  • Multiple crash fixes.
  • Multiple streaming fixes in game and in cinematics.


  • Added subtitles for the lyrics of the title song, “In The Flood”. Time for a karaoke session!
  • Added a “Toggle” option in the Settings menu for loot actions.
  • Fixed multiple control remapping conflicts.
  • Fixed a default control conflict between Mount Light Attack and Select/Deselect Track while in Focus mode.
  • Fixed an issue where Aloy could become locked in an animation if a Valor Surge was activated while using a zipline.
  • Fixed an issue where killing a hovering Stormbird could sometimes result in its corpse being stuck in a floating position.
  • Fixed an issue where difficulty-related settings could be enabled in difficulty modes that did not allow them.
  • Fixed multiple instances where Aloy could get stuck in geometry.
  • Multiple fixes to Aloy’s animations.
  • Multiple audio fixes and improvements.
  • Multiple lighting fixes and improvements in cinematics.
  • Multiple fixes and improvements to body and facial animations in cinematics.
  • Multiple fixes and improvements to NPC animations and to NPC props in settlements.
  • Multiple localization fixes and improvements.
  • Multiple other bug fixes.

Ihr kommt bei Horizon: Forbidden West nicht weiter? Dann solltet ihr unbedingt unsere GamePro-Guides durchlesen, mit denen ihr euch das Leben immens erleichtert. So erfahrt ihr beispielsweise, wo ihr bestimmte nützliche Items herbekommt oder blockierte Wege öffnet.

Freut ihr euch über die Änderungen des neuen Patch 1.11? Was fehlt euch noch in Horizon Forbidden West?

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