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Seite 2: Resident Evil 5 - English Review im Test - GamePro-Review for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3

Alone, alone?

Resident Evil 5 is a tough test for something inherent in everyone since the stone age: the urge to run away. Instead of taking flight when facing a small threat, you have to fight a superiority of opponents, armed to the teeth. Behind every corner, behind every door enemies could be lurking. In levels full of nooks and crannies, small huts and bleak landscapes each careless step can result in death. Only by keeping your reflexes under control and your weapon ready, you will be able to survive this mission.

There's a little consolation right at the beginning: You're not on your own. After a few minutes, soldier Sheva Alomar will join you for the entire adventure. Resident Evil 5 has been designed to be a co-op game. Even though there are brief passages when you're travelling alone, the most important factor is to combine the two main characters skilfully.

The AI is well done (compared to dull-witted Ashley in Resident Evil 4): Sheva unerringly shoots opponents, collects objects or takes cover in crucial moments. Additionally, by using the D-pad, her behaviour will switch between offensive or defensive. The game is at its best if you've got a second player at hand (via split screen, system link or online). Then you can coordinate your actions, watch each others back and split monsters and items among yourselves! Entering a game is very uncomplicated.

To Each His Own Virus!

Apart from a second main character, the game hasn't changed much since the last great episode: You still control Chris (or Sheva) using a slightly lateral rear-view, during gunfights you're looking over their shoulder. Certain actions - like opening doors, jumping through windows or climbing ladders - are mapped to one button, so you can completely concentrate on your surroundings.

Resident Evil 5, offers a selection of four different control methods to chose from: Besides the controls known from Resident Evil 4, there is also a variant where you can walk sideways - like in other third-person shooters. To find out your favourite method, you should invest a few minutes at the beginning of the game - the right choice will save your life later on! But they all have one thing in common: The targeting speed can be adjusted. If the laser mark is moving too slow, simply increase the sensitivity. You should play around with this setting, too - to stop them, you'll need to hit the eyes of mutants which are moving fast as lightning, so each shot should be on target.

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