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Seite 6: Resident Evil 5 - English Review im Test - GamePro-Review for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3

Crank up the volume!

The development that started with Resident Evil 4, continues with Part Five: no more silent horror, the sledgehammer rules. This clearly shows during every second of the game - from the violent action elements, when the game tries to you over with enemies, to the "Quick Time" events and the cut scenes. Bombast rules: In Kijuju you will be hunted by some 30 residents and there is no escape. Suddenly there's support from the air - a helicopter blows away the mob using a rocket launcher and you have to leave the danger zone quickly.

During an involuntary encounter with a masked butcher the whole facility will be ripped apart, walls included. The movie snippets driving forth the story are especially powerful: Swiftly cut and impressively done, they explain the characters and their history in more detail. Every little emotion, every outbreak of feelings is accompanied by fantastic music. Strings are used during sentimental moments, choirs add to the drama of boss encounters.

Particularly impressive is the virus itself, cutting its way through worn out bodies - it's disgusting - cramped people struggling in death agony until finally the blood-soaked heads and limbs give way. Some enemies will grow a huge bloated bag around the neck, from which worms and slime will burst when hit. Resident Evil 5 is not for the faint of heart!

The bombast of terror

The fantastic presentation deserves high compliments: In terms of graphics and sound Resident Evil 5 pulls out all the stops. The complex areas ooze dark atmosphere, with fine details everywhere: sand whirled up by steps, the corrugated sheets of the huts buffeted by the wind, little creeks on the walls of dark caves. In addition, you'll enjoy the best explosions in a long time - if you hit a barrel of petrol, the resulting force almost knocks you off your chair! The character animations and models are the best: realistic-looking enemies move threateningly through areas and dodge your bullets with lightning-fast reflexes, oversized spiders make threatening gestures before they lunge at you.

A good frame rate is maintained even during continuous bombardment and with huge amounts of opponents, only on PlayStation 3 in particularly violent scenes there may be very small jerks - but they don't affect the game adversely. Most songs in the game are of some kind of electronic-sinister nature, during boss encounters or cut scenes, however, powerful orchestral sounds wonderfully accentuate the event. All the other sounds are fantastic, too: battle cries sounding from all speakers, and in the dark some enemies can only be noticed by their rattle in the throat, while a snarl of a mutated dog will often surprise you. The susurration of grass, the sound of drawn knives and stomps announcing the arrival of huge opponents from far away merge to form sheer terror.

6 von 9

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