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Seite 4: Resident Evil 5 - English Review im Test - GamePro-Review for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3

From Bello to bite wound

During the adventure, you will be dealing with a multitude of enemies. The villagers of Kijuju are just the beginning. The farther you press forward, the more aggressive the virus will be: Gigantic mutated gripper arms will burst open from inside enemies, mouths will turn into gaping grimaces. The maws of dogs and hyenas will be split by the virus until they almost look like hideous maws on two legs. You'll deal with really huge mutants, like spiders hunting in hordes only, flying beasts, crashing down on you to rip your head off. And there are a few classics such as the dreaded "Licker" to be found on dark continent. Very important: React! Whether the enemy wants to seize you, knock you down or jump at you - usually it's possible to evade the attack by pressing a key. Chris lurches himself on the floor, avoiding an axe, while Sheva throws herself on the ground. Initially, your adversaries will use sickles and axes to attack you, but later on you'll have to face evil mercenaries, armed to the teeth, raging irrepressibly and willing to blow themselves up just to finish you .

Little David, mutated Goliath

Because a genuine Resident Evil needs boss fights, there are some huge lumps of mutants waiting to get the daylights beaten out of them in this fifth episode, too. The highlight: There are two types of boss encounters. There are mutants you can get rid of the usual way. For example, the mix of bat and scorpion at the beginning, which is only vulnerable only at the rear of the tail. Both main characters have to cooperate to lure the beast to a corner to lure and to attack it from behind at the same time. On the other hand, there are really huge supremos requiring tougher measures: aboard a ship you'll use rocket launchers and machine guns to cut off the tentacles of a giant octopus.

It's really cool once you'll meet known villains of the series - very much in the style of Metal Gear Solid. These fights are staged bombastically and "Quick Time Events" occur. The fight against a mandatory Resident Evil character (we won't reveal which one) starts with an escalating gunfight. After a while the weapons are put away and fists will be used. If you manage to hit the right buttons at the right time, the combatants will tear through walls, perform record-breaking acrobatics and cut a swath of destruction across the area. Exceptional camera panning, cuts and Hollywood-style slow-motion effects stage those moments, like when you manage to dodge a bullet at the last possible moment, when you're hurled across the room by an explosion or when you rush to the rescue of your partner, literally in the last moment.

4 von 9

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