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Seite 5: Resident Evil 5 - English Review im Test - GamePro-Review for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3

A woman's bag

Boxes and wooden barrels are distributed everywhere and can be opened with a swing of the knife, as usual. They contain mainly herbs, ammunition and gold. There's a new way to heal, too: For example, if you use a first aid can while your partner is nearby, the effect will be distributed among both characters. Should you run out of ammunition (you will!), you may press a key to send a request to the other player. If the desired item can be found the colleagues' inventory, the bullets, herbs, or weapons move to your own pockets. Dopey: You can't decide how many bullets change ownership. One half is transferred automatically.

Collected money will also be distributed among the team members. The merchant from part four is not available anymore, but you can go shopping after each act: Using a special menu you can exchange gold for weapons, healing items or weapon upgrades to make your gun more powerful, increase its capacity for bullets or its precision. Initially, the weapons cabinet only offers selected tools to stress your point: a pistol and a hand grenade. During the game this will become a rich arsenal, which should enable you to master every tricky situation. If you keep collecting gold, you will soon be able to arm yourself with machine guns, sniper rifles, mines, shotguns and rocket launchers. The impact of a weapon is always clear: A gunshot to the shoulder slows down enemies and even the strongest opponents will keel over after being hit by a lead shot.

The inventory of each character consists of nine fields. Quite in contrast to the inventory system from Resident Evil 4, even a large weapon like a Gatling-gun consumes only one field. If space is of concern, you may put items into a "bottomless" safe after each act. Caution: if you access the inventory, the game will not be paused. The enemies will keep attacking you. Therefore, you should assign important items to a "hotkey" on the D-pad - this will enable you to use healing herbs quickly if necessary or to reload your gun.

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